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Welcome to Feed Your Mental, where we practice holistic and nutritional psychology, an emerging field that views the individual as a whole and indivisible entity. We believe that treating mental and emotional health issues requires a more comprehensive psychological treatment plan that needs to include diet and nutrition, lifestyle factors, and physical movement to not only help decrease psychological and behavioral dysfunction and symptoms, but to help build and foster mental and emotional health. Our goal is to provide integrated and holistic care for individuals with mental health struggles and dietary challenges. As a licensed clinical psychologist and nutritional therapist, I emphasize the importance of integrating a whole foods diet tailored to your unique needs to help support your mental and emotional wellness. Here at Feed Your Mental, we can help you address the root of symptoms using evidence based therapy techniques, food, stress management, and a nourishing lifestyle. We also focus on education regarding proper nutrition because we believe understanding the science behind what you are eating and why, creates habits that will be sustainable, effective, and long lasting.

At Feed Your Mental, we are also here to simply optimize your existing health, both of your mind and of your body. We believe that understanding the science behind what makes food healthy for your mind and your body, allows you to continue with these changes long after your first learn the information. Feeding Your Mental is more than just what you are eating, it’s how you are eating, it’s how you are cooking, it’s what ingredients you are cooking with, it’s your mental and emotional health, it’s how you are choosing to live your life on a daily basis. Let us help you feel the best you can feel by learning how to feed your body and your mental.

A combination of nutrient dense foods and healthy adaptive lifestyle changes, can lead to a wealth of health, including both prevention and healing. Start your learning TODAY by subscribing to our newsletter!

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Our Services

I practice a functional and foundational holistic approach to psychological health care and nutrition that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each person. This approach is different to conventional medicine in that it is focused on addressing the underlying causes of a problem, instead of simply suppressing symptoms. This approach is evidence based and understands and views the body as an interconnected whole, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to treatment. I emphasize a therapeutic working partnership between myself and my client to help create this personalized approach and have you be a full participant in your own health journey. You are an expert on your own experiences and working collaboratively, emphasizes the importance of this fact. Using a properly prepared whole foods diet along with lifestyle changes and psychological services, I will be able to help you correct nutritional deficiencies and the underlying problems that are causing specific symptoms.

My Story

My graduate studies in Clinical Psychology, years of treatment specializing in OCD and Anxiety-related disorders, my training and certification in Nutritional Therapy Counseling, and my own personal struggle and journey with digestive issues give me a unique perspective and connection with finding the right treatment plan and recommendations for my clients.

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The Mind/Body Connection

Our mind and body is so intimately connected to each other. Inevitably, our thoughts affect our behaviors and how we feel, and our behaviors and choices affect how we think and how we feel. Did you know that there is an entire nervous system that is in charge of what is called our gut-brain connection? Our guts (our small intestine) produces 80-90% of our brain’s neurotransmitters (i.e. serotonin, oxytocin, etc.) that are in charge of communicating with other organs to help them function the way that they should and are designed to. Neurotransmitters are also responsible for our moods and contribute to how we are thinking. Taking care of our gut means we are also taking care of our brains, contributing to healthy and rational thoughts, and positive moods, and of course, the rest of our bodies.

We take care of our gut by feeding our bodies nourishing, nutrient dense whole foods and by ensuring and supporting our digestive processes so that our bodies can break these nutrients down into substances it can use to form energy and help our bodies function the best that they can. Eating the right nutrient dense foods directly affect the quality of our thoughts, our energy levels, and of course, our moods and how we are left feeling.